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Asus Mobile Phones in Nigeria

Asus phones are getting quite popular because of its combo of decent specifications and affordability. While this Taiwanese company is mostly known for its laptops and tablets, they are making a strong place in the smartphone market too. Continue reading to know more about Asus phones in Nigeria and what makes them worth buying.
The number of options for Asus phones in Nigeria are not very wide comparing to other popular phone brands. However, if you are looking for mid-range phones with good specs and camera, the Padfone and Zenfone lineup is good. The Zenfone lineup offers smartphone in different screen sizes including 4, 5 and 6-inches. If you are looking for phablets, you can try the Pad or PadFone’s 7-inch phones. However, most of the Zenfone’s battery is non removable which can be a problem for some users. For a phone with good camera, you can check out the Zenfone Zoom ones.
The build quality of Asus phones are quite good. Some of them offer optional dual SIM so look out for this feature if you want a phone with dual SIM, dual stand-by option. Another notable feature of Asus phones is that these phones include Intel Atom chipset mostly instead of Qualcomm ones. Most of the Asus phones in Nigeria run Android operating system which means it can be a great option for Android lovers. Almost all their phones offer a good number of color options that include Red, White, Black and Gold. For those who are looking for a phone without spending too much money but want a decent phone can think about trying Asus phones.

People find it confusing when they see different stores selling Asus phones in Nigeria in different prices. To help them avoid such confusions, we offer here a way to check prices from different stores and pick the best price.
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